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News? News! 22 January, 2012

About two and a half years have passed without an update on this website. And no, it does not seem that long. Why the silence?

Well, in 2009 and 2010 there wasn't really much to share: my muses were on a very long holiday or being unfaithful and serving someone else, and the few quick stopovers in vienna resulted in barely more than a handful of poems. I sent out only four submissions, which happily brought about publication in The Centrifugal Eye, Eclectica, Pirene's Fountain and Press 1. Austr(al)ian author Sylvia Petter invited me to read with her, and while the audience on that October Sunday was rather small, they were very appreciative, and I loved reading for them. To think it took me years to get up the nerve and do it!

Last year saw more activity, particularly between July and September, when I could add some new poems to my still-unfinished manuscript, elemental. Several of those poems were inspired by or based on fairy tales. I also read a couple of very interesting and entertaining books about chemistry (anecdotes, the people behind the elements, etc), so some of these things have also started to make appearances in my poems. I sent out around 20 submissions, most of them between August and the end of the year, and received quite a few acceptance notes - they made me especially happy when new poems were concerned. A few subs are still out there. I was hoping I could keep up my practice of writing at least four or five days a week, but once my fairly quiet summer was over, teaching and prep work took up way too much time again. So, early 2012 has got me hoping for enough writing time to finish my manuscript. About 30 poems are still missing - let's hope they don't discover any more elements. ;)

I took a photography class in 2010/11, enjoyed most of it, learned a lot, didn't nearly have enough time to practice as much as I wanted, but hope to be able to do so this year. I've had a few photos accepted, too - by Lily magazine, Eclectica, and qarrtsiluni.

Let's hope for a lot of happy news to share - for now, please do check out the credits section for recent publications, the words section for some more recent poems, the views section for some photography, and the updated me section.

News? 26 August, 2009

I have not been very much of a poet over the last two years. I wrote a few new pieces in July and hope that I can keep the muse around a while longer. I really do want to finish my full-length collection, elemental; it's about time. And of course I *do* miss writing. I had one poem - [metamorphosis] - published in Ether magazine in March, that was by request, so I was quite chuffed.
I have taken quite some pictures, though I have not been out and about as much as I should have been, I guess. But then - there are only so many hours in a day.
If this were New Year's, my resolution would be to get immersed in the poetry world once again: readings, writing, the community, reading poetry collections.

Links & Words sections updated 08 June, 2008

Links to poets and musicians have been added.
Three additional poems posted in Words section.
I have also made a few changes in the text about me.

New poetry? 'Fraid not. 07 June, 2008

I am still not writing. I started working on a couple of poems in April, around the time of the Lit Fest, but have not finished any of them. I scribble down a few lines here and there, but that's all there is. I thought the festival might kickstart a period of productivity, but unfortunately not. I am trying not to put myself under pressure, but part of me is also losing confidence in my abilities. I continue to take lots of photos, I have explored more of the Central Cemetery, and I hope to get a few series together for a portfolio.

Sex - The Erotic Reading 18 May, 2008

I was invited to join some Labyrinth poems et al for this reading at labfactory on 17 May. The line-up was: Evelyn Holloway, Sylvia Petter, Victoria Slavuski, Hillary Keel, Janus Zeitstein, Felix Mendelssohn, Homemade Gordon Banks, Peter Waugh, Horst Prilinger; musicians Steve Gander, Sandro Miori and Martin Schönlieb. I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and what the others read. And our audience seemed to have a good time, too. Read about it on the blog, see the pictures on flickr.

Vienna Lit Fest April 2008

The Vienna Lit Fest was absolutely fantastic! I was quite nervous before the reading, but it went really, really well, and the feedback I got just blew me away. I met lovely, talented, funny people - writers and other - and hope there will be another festival next year. For info and photos see the Vienna Lit website. For my Lit Fest stories, see my blog, and for pictures follow this link to flickr.

small confessions & pebbles of regret April 10, 2008

The chapbook I co-wrote with Alex Stolis has finally been published by Rubicon Press! Thanks to Jenna, our editor/publisher, and to my dad for letting us use one of his photos for the cover. You can buy the chapbook directly from Rubicon Press, or if you want a signed copy, feel free to contact me.

10 questions on publication March 01, 2008

Nic Sebastian asked me to participate in her 10 questions on publication project - i am so honoured, especially when i consider who else she asked: Ron Silliman, Ivy Alvarez, Nate Pritts, Sam Byfield, Kristy Bowen, et al! My answers can be found on Nic's blog.

dancing girl press - billet-doux project February 29, 2008

If you want to get hold of the limited edition Valentine's Day special billet-doux, a box with 15 love poems by 15 wonderful women writers, you'd better be quick! I am proud to be in such excellent company and cannot wait to hold the treasure chest in my hands.

Here's the line-up:
Jane Pupek, Erin Bertram, Bronwen Tate, Michaela Gabriel, Cecilia Pinto, Shawn Fawson, Diane Kendig, Christine Hamm, Jeannette Sayers, Suzanne Frischkorn, Annie Finch, Emma Bolden, Julie Enszer, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, and Kelli Russell Agodon.

Best of the Net February 01, 2008

I am over the moon about being included in Best of the Net 2007! I'm in the company of excellent poets: Simone Muench, Dorianne Laux, Anne Haines, Charles Jensen, and Nanette Rayman-Rivera, to name but a few.

DGP Love Letters project January 04, 2008

Kristy Bowen of dancing girl press has informed me that one of my poems, Open Letter to A Poet, will be included in her Love Letters project, 14 poems by different female poems in one box, due to be released on Valentine's Day. I am thrilled!

Chapbook updates January 02, 2008

The publication of Alex Stolis' and my collaborative chapbook small confessions and pebbles of regret has been delayed, but we have received word from the publishers that it is ready to be proofed, and we are working on the cover design. Soooo, not long now!

the secret meanings of greek letters, my chap"box" published by dancing girl press, is doing really well: i have sold and swapped many copies, have given some free copies to friends, and have received lovely feedback on both content and design.

the secret meanings of greek letters - chapbook released October 31, 2007
YAY! My second chapbook is now available! Kristy Bowen of dancing girl press has done a terrific job (as usual), and if you take a peek at my "baby", you will see that it isn't actually a book, but rather a deck of cards in a box. If you would like to get hold of a copy, you can buy directly from dgp or get in touch with me.