in visible ink
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Letter (Unlearning to love you ...)
oxygen (o) - first kiss
nocturnal triptych from room 116
the secret meanings of greek letters: rho (Ρ, ρ)
Digby's Soliloquy
ain't misbehavin'
I, Cassandra
Eva to Adam
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Nigel's World Turns On Its Axis
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dialogue with a dehydrating jellyfish
alice's first session with her therapist
sodium (na) - after paradise
alice's first session with her therapist
'tisn't brillig, you see, and toves are thock and gruntig
creatures. even the jabberwocky would rather tickle
the mad hatter's fancy than cross their lofty paths.
he confessed to cowardice once, trumpeting it from
every rabbit hole in low inaudible frequencies. all
my mirrors reflected the message for seven hours.

does this sound like fun: along the wall, constant
fear of that pompous oversized head-with-legs;
crockery rattling through the night to get away
from a rude pair of hosts, a sober dormouse hard
on their heels; advice not to exhale too loud within
sight of the red queen's faux marshmallow castle?

do you call these company - a blubbering pinniped,
self-confessed oyster fetishist; a hubble-bubbling
insect who'll fume when contradicted; two big-
mouthed schoolboys telling me, nohow, i am not
real, not even when i cry? contrariwise, i say,
a barren landscape might prove more fruitful.

about every other day someone suspects drug
abuse, searches my pinny for illegal substances.
a hysterical bunny sniffs each pocket, bag and shoe,
the lining of my hat. all this because i proudly claim
that my best friend is a semi-existent demi-ginger
cat who always leaves me with a wink and a smile.
sodium (na)
after paradise

i have your taste in my mouth, adam,
     a tang of apples plucked before their
          prime. we should have cut down that
               tree, burned all its hopeful branches.

how happy the birds seem; there is
     music in their flutter. tomorrow, they
          will sing again. too late now to twist
               their necks, help them forget our song.

if you look back, you will understand
     the great white angel is jealous. when
          he finds us, beyond the dark blue river,
               he'll try to wring salt from my auburn hair.

inspired by: Marc Chagall, Adam et Eve chassés du Paradis

your elbow :
in the centre of all
colour : adam : your tulip bulb eyes :
half flame half allusion : the temptation of balance : making
          our own god : clay-smeared & burdened with love :
flush to fever to fists : a triangle's sharpest point in your palm :

consider us ripe : consider : chrysalises & cocoons : fingers
          around fool's gold : eyes shut tight : remember
what you are : eve : wildcard witchwork wishbone legs : line
to curve to circle : axis pierces centre :
after your voice : dark
rain : nothing :