in visible ink
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poemeleon, December 2007
Silicon (Si) - The day I fell in love with a semiconductor; Caesium (Cs) - The day I fell in love with an atomic clock
cahoots, Fall 2007
Plutonium (Pu) - The day I fell in love with a dwarf; Neptunium (Np) - The day I fell in love with a giant
Hiss Quarterly, Fall 2007
after the fever
Chapbook: the secret meanings of greek letters (dancing girl press), October 2007
Released on October 30, 2007
Trillium Literary Journal, Fall 2007
Niobium (Nb) - Niobe's Loss
Tipton Poetry Journal (print & online)
Waiting for the Perseids
Stone Table Review
nocturnal triptych from room 116
in the fray, October 2007
october rules of conduct; cobalt (co) - the story of blue wednesdays and a three-quarter moon (including German translation);
4 photographs
Eclectica, October 2007
Still Life With Mellifluous Strings (collaboration with Nathan McClain)
Defenestration, September 2007
thirteen things to do while waiting for your lover
Pebble Lake Review (print), Summer 2007
you've been flirting again
(the poetry)worm, August 2007
juked, July 2007
you nude girl folding your arms
Lily, July 2007
after the rift; photograph of St Marx cemetery
eclectica, July/August 2007
paradeisos; carbon (c) - adamant
kaleidowhirl, Summer 2007
Promethium (Pm) - The day I fell in love with a thief
Envoi (print), June 2007
conversation with a tired cheese grater; lithium (li) - counter/gravity; nickel (ni) - nikolaus, she said; Nightscape; Morning, Enhanced
Redactions (print), Issue 8/9, 2007
sodium (na) - after paradise; scandium (sc) - in the blue; radium (ra) - a day in the life of marie c.
juked, May 2007
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
TRIM: Mannequin Envy Anthology (print), Spring 2007
april rules of conduct
(the poetry)worm, April 2007
how much ground would a groundhog hog, if a groundhog could hog ground
Bent Pin Quarterly, April 2007
the art of letting go; Xenon (Xe) - The day I fell in love with a Geissler tube
Autumn Sky Poetry, April 2007
Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda
flashquake, Spring 2007
to forget him (2nd place in fib contest)
tattoo highway, March 2007
lester lewis takes inventory after the shipwreck; poem with possibilities and uncertain outcome (a multiple choice poem)
gangway, March 2007
oxygen (o) - first kiss; Outside; Meet My Bucket; the loneliness of the long-distance lover; If
Eclectica, January/February 2007
a driving instructor has a recurring nightmare
The Adroitly Placed Word, January 2007
what the therapist doesn't say to alice; A Ladies Guide to Writing the Love Poem; titanium (ti) - northwest of titania, ten minutes past eight (includes audio files of me reading the poems)