in visible ink
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(the poetry)worm, December 2002
six portraits
PoetryRepairShop, November 2002
adam and eve
Pierian Springs (defunct), August 2002
ghost of someone her heart no longer mourns; starved (father - daughter feature, with my father's collages)
The Horsethief's Journal (defunct), August 2002
kejimkujik lake; Till Death Do Us Part; the figure skater; Mdina
Adirondack Review, Summer 2002
das ende der liebe / the end of love (German and English); klänge
Branches Quarterly (defunct), July 2002
Winter Night, Small Hours; Sinking (contest winner)
Facing Faces Project 2002
In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, vol. 4 (print), 2002
i don't like zoos
PoetryRepairShop, June 2002
Greek Morning
PoetryRepairShop, April 2002
femme au miroir
Pierian Springs (defunct), April 2001
Angel of the North; conquest; Blue Madonna
Junket, Spring 2002
stina nordenstam; shopping
MiPoesias, January 2001
I, Cassandra; eva to adam
PoetryRepairShop, January 2002
[red right hand]
Comrades (defunct), December 2001
Savoy (defunct), December 2001
cilaos graveyard
Savoy (defunct), November 2001
behind the veil; aftermath (september 11, 2001)
Mentress Moon (defunct), November 2001
maurice contemplates suicide; "mod's hair"
Steel Point Quarterly (defunct), August 2001
the baby dreams; kejimkujik at night
In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, vol. 3 (print), 2001
Niederngasse, July 2001
almost over you
PoetryRepairShop, June 2001
Der Westwind Lässt Hyazinth im Stich (translation of a poem by Jeffrey C. Alfier)
Hawkwind, May 2001
Golburdok Dillybag; mundi mundi plains; headphones; decadenza; northern summer; the moon in scorpio; neptune's children
The Green Tricycle, Spring 2001
midsummer night; malta
Writer's Hood (defunct), March 2001
a raven in december
A Writer's Choice (defunct), January 2001
midnight by the water; no flowers; Greek Madonna; end of the affair; the morning after; april
Moondance, Winter 2000
the moon stood still
The Green Tricycle, Winter 2000
fallwind; cavendish summer night; tau'olunga II
Samsara Quarterly (defunct), November 2000
wuthering heights
Niederngasse, November 2000
eclipse III
Samsara Quarterly (defunct), August 2000
almost over you; Greek Girl in the Market Square
Disquieting Muses, August 2000
The Green Tricycle, Millennium Edition, August 2000
st. stephen's; mandelbaum is enchanted
Stirring, June 2000
Niederngasse (German edition), June 2000
das ende der liebe
Niederngasse, June 2000
raining olives
The Horsethief's Journal (defunct), May 2000
i will not marry in white; Prague; father
Niederngasse (German edition), April 2000
meine nacht ist eine rose
Mentress Moon (defunct), April 2000
Niederngasse, April 2000
tomorrow's yesterday
Niederngasse, March 2000
night boat to lido
Niederngasse (German edition), February 2000
vorfrühling; winterabend
gangway, March 2000
nursery; orange crush; ich in allen dingen; deserted playground; butterfly
Mefisto (defunct), February 2000
famous blue raincoat
Niederngasse, February 2000
winter sunrise san donà
Niederngasse, January 2000
scheveningen strand
Savoy (defunct), January 2000
morning boat; ocean road
Niederngasse (German edition), December 1999
herbstgarten; allerseelen; abend
The Horsethief's Journal (defunct), December 1999
The Green Tricycle, December 1999
late autumn; ekleipsis
Niederngasse, December 1999
winter night
Niederngasse, November 1999
october morning
Niederngasse, October 1999
walkabout; leaving; dotty
The Green Tricycle, September 1999
back in town
The Writer's Quill (defunct), Autumn 1999
Chinese Eyes
gangway, December 1998
some day never; under water; outlaw; unwanted gift; salt & pepper; tumbling; midnight station; klänge; augenblicke
gangway, September 1997
friday afternoon subway; dream #34; silence; on-line.affair; taking my leave; intoxicated; lust
gangway, June 1997
you; relapse; roadhouse blues; land's end; schneewinters; too soon; tribute to eve; old vienna; sweetie; on the phone II
My Way (print, defunct), 1990 & 1991
several poems
Mädchen (print), 1987 - Top 100 in poetry competition