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Desert Moon Review
love song in d minor
Strong Verse
seven things to consider when complaining about the weather; november rules of conduct
Forthcoming: From the Garden of the Gods (print anthology)
I, Cassandra; Rediscovering Eve; Awaiting Odysseus
Forthcoming: womb
who's keeping time with the timekeeper's daughter, when the timekeeper's out keeping time
Chapbook: small confessions & pebbles of regret (Rubicon Press), with Alex Stolis
Released in March 2008
foursquare (print), February 2008
dancing girl press, billet-doux project (print), February 2008
Open Letter to A Poet
Best of the Net 2007
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
Press 1, January 2008
still #1 : collision; still #2 : equinox; still #3 : ties
qarrtsiluni, January 2008
photograph: Death Bugs
Loch Raven Review, Winter 2008
bios; Lily; bride, unveiled; The Longing of the Long-Distance Lover;