in visible ink
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MindFire, Winter 2005/2006
Behind Cupped Hands: Hanna; Coffee Day
D.I.S.A. Ecuador Project, December 2005
Dump Life
(the poetry)worm, December 2005
frog prince
Loch Raven Review, December 2005 (and annual print issue)
The Memory of Keys; tuesday rules of conduct; when visiting family you can't stand; Frau Rausch
underground window (defunct), November 2005
saturday rules of conduct; sunday rules of conduct; venice, october sunset; stealing a word from someone else's poem
In the Arms of Words (Poems for Tsunami Relief; print anthology), July 2005
(the poetry)worm, June 2005
Love in the Times of Invisibility
Niederngasse Love Issue, Spring 2005
confessions in minor
Fireweed, April 2005
Washing Dishes
(the poetry)worm, March 2005
Gold Rush Women
Chapbook: apples for adam (Foothills Publishing), January 2005
signed copies available from me