in visible ink
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Loch Raven Review, Winter 2006 (and annual print issue)
december rules of conduct; how to prepare for winter
Poetry Salzburg Review (print), Fall 2006
how to bury the dead; Nigel's World Turns On Its Axis; Angie, Reeling
clean sheets, November 2006
after the weekend; Report with a damp patch; Report with morning dew; after dessert in the bathroom
wicked alice, November 2006
alice's first session with her therapist; the therapist hears about alice's life; the therapist has a dream; The Therapist Plays Hangman With the Red Queen; The Therapist Joins the Mad Tea Party
(the poetry)worm, November 2006
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
vienna:views (print anthology), October 2006
how to survive in vienna
tattoo highway, October 2006
Exit Centre Stage (contest HM)
Eclectica, September 2006
the secret meanings of greek letters: iota
A Little Poetry, Summer-Fall 2006
09 February, 1991; dialogue with a dehydrating jellyfish; my friends are not like me; i am not like my friends; mars rules: how to handle an aries
In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, vol. 6 (print), Summer 2006
fuck me lips
Centrifugal Eye, Summer 2006
Central Cemetery; vienna
The Hiss Quarterly, August 2006
conversation with an aluminum ladle; what the therapist doesn't say to alice; Digby's Soliloquy; how to behave in fairy tales
flashquake, Summer 2006
dream in c major; after the shipwreck
Lily, July 2006
a man's guide to winning a woman's heart
tryst, June 2006
alice takes issue with the queen
Mannequin Envy, April 2006
april rules of conduct; Far away, clouds lure you to the sea
unlikely 2.0, April 2006
how to behave in someone else's dream; conversation with a tea mug; grado, 1951
Arabesques Review (online/print), Spring 2006
Waiting for the Perseids; Word Scout
Eclectica, March 2006
Nigel Is Fuming
The Adroitly Placed Word, March 2006
conversation with a kitchen sieve; Everything you said about love; conversation with a stainless steel wire whisk; Angie Loves Nigel
The Guardian - Poetry workshop shortlist , February 2006
Bedside (Esther Morgan's workshop, "Ghosts, written")
Niederngasse Erotic Supplement, February 2006
after dessert in the bathroom
The Hiss Quarterly, January 2006
between two sips of soda; solitaire